Therapeutic Approach

If you are seeking my services because you or a loved is dealing with a challenging medical diagnosis, psychological consultation can be an important and effective addition to a medical treatment plan. I approach each case from a cognitive-behavioral framework, and listen and treat with compassion. I consider this a team effort, and I am goal-oriented in my approach to your therapy. You will find I am empathic, sensitive to your needs and genuinely concerned with your outcome. My aim is to provide you with the highest quality scientifically-driven psychological care so that you can effectively meet your psychotherapy goals.

Critical health issues provide an opportunity to think about things differently. This crisis involves more than a change in your health status, it can also cause shifts in the way you think about yourself, the world, your work situation and your relationships with others. I will assist you in evaluating these changes and finding a positive way to approach them. If desired, I can also work closely with your medical team to coordinate care, attend medical appointments when crucial decision-making information is being shared, and connect you with additional resources in order to offer whole-person care.

If you are seeking services due to general anxiety, depression, or situational stress, cognitive-behavioral interventions have been shown to successfully decrease emotional distress and provide tools that increase confidence in a variety of challenging situations. Together we will create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and implement it in the way that’s best for you.