Other Services: Lectures / Presentations - Program Development
Dr. Perez is a dynamic speaker with in-depth knowledge of how medical illness impacts quality of life. He is available to give patient-oriented and professional-oriented presentations on a variety of psychological and health-related topics. Dr. Perez also has extensive experience in evaluating existing hospital programs and developing patient psychosocial programs for large medical centers.
Lectures / Presentations

Dr. Perez is available to give patient-oriented presentations on variety of psychological and health-related topics, such as “How to Manage Illness-related Distress”, “Coping with Cancer”, “Sexual Dysfunction”, “Stress Management and Wellness”.

For medical and health professionals Dr. Perez conducts in-service presentations and workshops on topics such as “Meeting Patients’ Information and Communication Needs”, “How to Share Challenging News with Patients and Loved Ones” , “How to Successfully Utilize Psychological Consultation Services for You and Your Patients”, and “Stress Management for the Medical Professional”. See previous publications and presentations.

Program Development

Dr. Perez has extensive experience developing patient programs for large medical centers. These include development of patient psychosocial screening services, interdisciplinary program development to increase whole-patient care, curriculums for patient workshops, and development of group psychotherapy protocols to meet hospital program needs. Dr. Perez also is qualified to conduct program evaluation of existing hospital programs and make recommendations to enhance delivery of psychosocial care.